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About us

 Our company exists on the Polish market since 1991. It is one of the oldest companies with great experience in bikes’ business in Poland. We run a professional distribution center and a wholesale customer service. We offer wide range of bikes, components and bike accessories which are medium and high end products.

On our Polish market we represent the following international brands: Orbea, Bkool, KMC, Orca, Serfas,

A lot of big contractors trust and rely on us, because they know that we are trustworthy and reliable partner. We are also well known among the biggest companies in Poland. We are important business partner for many of them. Moreover, we regularly increase our participation in the bikes’ market. We cooperate with approximately 500 shops from all over the country. Year by year we acquire the trust of many new contractors. We offer only the products of highest quality, which come only from famous and renowned  producers from all over the world. This way we are able to guarantee safe and professional service to our dealers and final consumers of distributed products.

We provide our dealers with professional commercial support, as well as with service help. Every year, before start of new season, we arrange appointments for our dealers called “open days” where we present our offer. Furthermore, every year between January and February we organize service and sales trainings for dealers who cooperate with us. For better presentation of our products we publish our catalogue for customers – stores but also retails consumers.

We pay big attention to marketing and promotion of distributed brands. We put adverts and provide products for testing in the most popular bikes’ magazines: Bike Board, Magazyn Rowerowy, Bike Action. We are also present on all bike forums and websites, for instance: , , , We are also present in social media, f.e. facebook.

We cooperate with and support local bike teams, we participate in bike marathon and triathlon events, where we also present our brands. Every year we exhibit with our own booth at Kielce Bike Expo, where we present our brands. We care about each single brand in our portfolio, because we believe it is important.

In case you need further information please contact: or call +48 343660456